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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent organic, direct trade coffee beans from India and Mexico. Plant-based, commercially compostable capsules made from biopolymer with a paper sealed lid.



Responsible icon ResponsibleTripod Coffee created Australia’s first compostable, zero-waste coffee capsule and Australia’s only closed-loop recycling program Pod-to-Plant™. They maintain an open-source spreadsheet so customers can see if their council is part of the food-scrap collection scheme or otherwise can purchase a Returns Kit and send their used pods back to the company. 


With help from Australia’s first waste-to-energy facility, the capsules are converted into organic fertiliser that is sent to farmers. With an estimated 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 pods being consumed in Australia every day, the majority of which are diverted to landfill, Tripod Coffee has put tangible steps in place to make meaningful change to needless waste. 


Tripod also partners with Rainforest Rescue and donate 1% of their profits to restoring the Daintree Rainforest.

What our experts say…

The whole package! The packaging is gorgeous, the coffee easy to use and delicious and the whole product is very attractive. I love the designs on the box, and the soft colour palette, and that the pods look like paper (which means I know I can safely compost it) and not shiny/plastic like some ‘compostable’ products are. I am so over the moon at this product – being one of the first pods companies to produce a zero-waste product is so exciting.

Jade Woodd

I appreciate the ease of use of this product, especially since it fits a Nespresso machine. I believe the brand’s social responsibility score is innovative in the industry and should be replicated and sustained. Their efforts to reduce waste and maintain a closed loop are remarkable.

Larissa Tedesco

I love the packaging and the whole content behind Tripod coffee pods. Coffee pods are definitely a concern when it comes to sustainability, so it’s fantastic to see a brand like this creating the first certified compostable coffee pods in Australia. I love the brand’s ‘pod to plant’ returns kit, which means even people who don’t have green bins in their area can send back the pods to be composted! Not only that but they are donating to restoring land in the Daintree rainforest, pretty incredible!

Phoebe Conway

I’m so impressed with the effort Tripod have gone to, to close the loop with their recycling program. Even compostable pods at the moment still need commercial composting which isn’t available to all, so Tripod have created a super easy returns program whereby pods are converted into organic fertiliser and sent to farmers. These guys are really setting the standard high for packaging accountability. Not to mention their pods contain organic, direct trade delicious coffee!

Emily Fletcher

A smooth homebrew coffee pod with tasting notes of plum, chocolate and honey. I appreciate that Tripod offers a “close the loop” programme meaning that you can return the pods to be composted by Tripod themselves.

Emma Freeman

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