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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent, mostly organic ingredients including organic cashews and organic coconut oil.



Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Vegan Dairy have always strived to create products with the most minimal, healthful, and eco-conscious ingredients available. Everything they use is organic, has no preservatives and no fillers. 


They carefully select packaging options that reduce waste and place a value on reusable and sustainable options. Their glass jars are reusable and plastic vacuum bags are 100% home compostable. 


The Vegan Dairy only work with companies who are 100% committed to never using any child, slave, or animal labour, and who work to support and give back to the communities they work within.

What our experts say…

A beautifully tasty, smoky cheese. This compares favourably with the best dairy-based smoky cheese I’ve had. With vegans in the family, it means now we can all share an excellent cheese platter together. I really love that the vacuum bag is home compostable. An absolute gem.

Emily Fletcher

What surprised me about this cheese is how firm it is, much like a cheddar cheese. The texture and taste are very similar to a smokey cheddar: I really love the strong, smokey flavour combined with the zesty paprika.

Emma Freeman

The wholefood ingredients of this product are the perfect choice for me and my family, and we will buy it again and again. I really admire that the brand has combined great quality, plant-based products with sustainability and being plastic-free. The home compostable packaging is so appreciated, and I love that it only takes 12 weeks (most others take 26).

Jade Woodd

I love the idea behind this cheese, as a smoked cheese lover, I was very excited to give this one a go! Perfect texture and it looks like just real cheese when added to a cheeseboard. Totally delicious with some wholegrain crackers and quince paste! I really love everything this brand is doing; packaging that not only looks great but is compostable and/or reusable and a product that fills a gap for people with intolerances or dietary preferences. This is everything I look for in a brand!

Phoebe Conway

Consistency and texture are lovely. Love the commitment to offering packaging that is reusable or home compostable. Their ethos follows what I’d want for the food I enjoy at home.

Larissa Tedesco

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