The Australian Olive Oil Soap – Goat Milk Castile 100% Olive Oil




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Simply saponified Australian extra virgin olive oil and Australian fresh goat milk.*


*This product contains goat milk. If you have a baby/child with a high risk of a food allergy or eczema, it is not recommended to use this product until they are eating these foods in their diet and show no allergy. Studies have shown a link between the application of a potential food allergen repeatedly onto the skin and food allergen sensitisation. This increases the potential for severe food allergic reactions when the food is actually eaten. This is especially relevant for a child with a high risk of food allergy and also those with eczema.


Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Australian Olive Oil Soap believes that use of natural ingredients, minimal packaging and handcrafting products makes for a better environment for the future. The company relies on traditional methods of production, creating less waste to ultimately send back to the ocean or landfill. All packaging is minimal and recyclable/reusable.

What our experts say…

Creamy and mild, I wouldn’t use many ‘soaps’ on my kids, but I would use this. My partner also nicked it to use on himself! Simple and handmade with minimal packaging and minimal ingredients are all big ticks.

Sarah Berry

I love how beautifully handmade this gentle and natural soap is! I love using a traditional bar of soap, which naturally reduces waste. The packaging was so beautiful and eco-friendly, it was a pleasure to use. I especially liked the fact it foamed up so well and was scent-free, perfect for my little one.

— Teodora Tinc

This is a beautifully gentle, nourishing soap wash. Forming an ultra moisturising conditioning lather, it leaves my children’s skin super soft. I love that it is unscented, has just two ingredients and no plastic packaging.

Emily Fletcher

I love that this product is zero waste: it’s really important to teach our children to use zero-waste products where possible, and soap/wash is a great place to start. This lovely soap is wonderfully nourishing for my 2-year-old’s sensitive skin. It also works really well as a shampoo for his dry scalp. Lovely scent.

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