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Safe icon SafeMade from 100% certified organic ingredients including chamomile, ginger root and lemon balm.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSynthesis Organics create fully-certified organic skincare with direct sourcing practices and proof of purity. They are committed to offering eco-luxe packaging that takes environmental impact into account. This commitment governs all packaging decisions and prohibits commonly-used plastics and glossy or faux-natural finishes that leak toxic chemicals and/or can’t be recycled. 


Synthesis Organics is committed to closing the loop with a full recycling program and the use of high-quality packaging materials made from post-consumer recycled PET (called PCR), glass, or bio-resin bottles sourced from Carbon Neutral Fair Trade Factories. As more environmentally friendly materials with even smaller carbon footprints become available, they will be sure to incorporate them.


What our experts say…

I quite liked this tea’s reusable tin, paper label and the good quality herbals inside. The design suits the soothing theme perfectly, the colours are lovely and attractive. I always love when the labelling walks the talk – rather than using plastic and glossy finish that cannot be composted or burnt. Happy to see Synthesis Organics caring about this too.

Jade Woodd

Honestly my favourite tea. Love the fresh flavours and floral tisanes in this tea. Especially nice to know it’s pregnancy-friendly. I appreciate the use of a reusable tin for storing the tea and knowing the brand’s commitment in keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum whenever possible.

Larissa Tedesco

The flavour of this tea was really lovely, and I love that it is designed to aid digestion. The packaging looks great, and I do like that the tin could be reused.

Phoebe Conway

The ultimate wind down relaxing tea – even watching all the flowers bobbing in my cup before straining is meditative. This would make such a good pregnancy tea too with all certified organic ingredients and the little bit of ginger mixed through.

Emily Fletcher

I truly love that this tea is labelled as being both safe for pregnancy and for children. My kids and I love sitting down for a pot of tea, and this particular blend has been a major hit with both my boys. Contains a subtle yet delicious blend of tummy-friendly herbs and spices including ginger and chamomile.

Emma Freeman

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