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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSwag Australia is all about giving back. From giving customers back those extra days or weeks fresh produce can last, to acting consciously and thoughtfully and making a difference to the place we live, and the earth as a whole. 


Swag’s products are handmade with love out of India and proudly built to last years. Their female-owned and managed manufacturer is ethical and fair trade compliant using SEDEX International monitoring. The company donated 100% of its profits in the past financial year to Destiny Rescue, freeing children trapped in human trafficking.

What our experts say…

This is a clever idea getting right to the heart of a huge plastic creation issue – garment care. A great option to take your dry-cleaning in, cover your suits, carry clothes to important events or in the workplace. The bag is lightweight but strong to protect your clothes with excellent seams. Look forward to adding more to our wardrobe.

Corrine Sultana

I have been moving house and been using this lots to take dresses to different places and the clothes swag is so easy to use, just drops over the hanger and protects my clothes. I love how it has buttons at the bottom in case something slips off the hanger. So easy to use and such a great way to avoid single-use plastic for the dry cleaner.

Emily Fletcher

This is such a cool idea: it brings to mind how much single-use plastic we tend not to focus on: such as the endless amount of plastic bags used by dry cleaners. I love that it doubles as a laundry bag and uses coconut shell for its buttons. Completely biodegradable. Game-changing!

Emma Freeman

I respect the attempt by Swag Australia to reduce single-use plastic from dry cleaners. I’d like to see these take off and reduce single-use plastic used by dry cleaners.

Laura Trotta

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