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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Medical grade silicone bag, polypropylene seal.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSilicone Wine Glasses Australia’s products are made from 100% food and medical-grade silicone, with no additives, no fillers and no harmful chemicals. They are reusable, non-porous and will soon be packaged in 100% biodegradable corn starch-based material, replacing its existing recyclable cardboard packaging. 


As the business grows and looks to use third-party logistics services for all retail, wholesale and online orders, it will provide employment opportunities both locally in Victoria and also in other areas of Australia. 


Silicone Wine Glasses Australia are currently organising a recycling program/service with a speciality silicone recycling centre so that customers can return unused products for repurposing.

What our experts say…

Going zero waste is much easier with the proper equipment and these silicone food bags are essential! These are so much better quality than all the other brands I have tried. The slide-on clip at the top is sturdy and won’t break and the bags are strong and will be used for years. I put everything in these from whole washed fruit to sandwiches. So much easier to pop these in a backpack than trying to squeeze in stainless steel containers! Light and easy, I love them!

Emily Fletcher

I have loved using these bags for transporting snacks when out with the kids or to and from my office. The seal is easy to use and keeps snacks super fresh.

Emma Freeman

Great product to replace the use of single-use plastic snap lock bags. I also like how the business has identified areas where they can improve their social and sustainability services.  Such as looking into how to collect and recycle the silicone products at the end of life.

Laura Trotta

The silicone food bags have measurements printed on the side which makes it easy to see how much is inside. The slider bar which seals the bag is easy to use and gives a good seal. The base is designed in a way that allows the bags to stand up which is a very useful feature.

 Lindsay Miles

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