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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains aloe vera, chamomile and pomegranate extract. Wipes made from 50% plant-based materials.


Responsible icon ResponsibleCreated by parents for parents, Rascal + Friends’ social responsibility starts with their brand vision: to provide premium, no nasties baby products, at an affordable price – making them accessible to a broader range of families. The wipes’ ingredient list, the role of each ingredient and its Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating are readily available to read on both their packaging and website. They have formulated their wipes with 50% plant-based ingredients and packaged them in a way that limits wastage, ensuring that only one wipe comes out at a time. 


Rascal + Friends use events and social media platforms to fundraise for New Zealand’s Starship Children’s Hospital and Australia’s Jeans for Genes charities. Additionally, they made monetary donations to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES charities during the Australian Bushfire Crisis 2019 – 2020, as well as donating nappies to various relief organisations. Globally, they have donated over 343,500 nappies worldwide to various charitable organisations. They have also made donations to Black Lives Matter and The National Black Doulas Association. 

What our experts say…

Scentless and sensitive, I love that the packaging has a panel explaining the function of each ingredient. I also appreciate the transparency and effort to address the parent’s concerns.

— Sarah Berry

These smooth yet thick and sturdy wipes have a lovely fresh scent while being PH balanced and free from any nasties and fragrances. I was reassured to see they are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin like Charlie’s with added aloe to soothe my baby’s skin.

— Teodora Tinc

Wow! They’ve nailed a true fragrance-free wipe! Very gentle on the skin and love the hygienic clip top and the larger pack of 80.

Emily Fletcher

These wipes are completely fragrance-free and nice and thick, great for cleaning up toddlers. Only one is needed for nappy changes and face wipes. Contains lovely ingredients.

— Emma Freeman

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