Pickld – Roasted Sesame Gourmet Blend




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent ingredients including white sesame seeds, fermented and roasted lentils, black sesame seeds and chia.



Responsible icon ResponsiblePickld was born from 9+ generations of plant-based food enthusiasts. Their mission is to help people reduce their dependence on meat as the key source of protein in their diets and look to include a variety of vegetables and other plant-based foods in their meals.


Pickld instant spice mixes contain all the necessary ingredients, including fermented lentils, and are specifically designed to enhance the flavour of vegetables and other plant foods. Pickld aim to influence people to eat more plant foods and thereby reduce the carbon footprint generated by eating farmed animal protein.

What our experts say…

I really like that this contains fermented lentils! Such a fun and innovative idea, especially in 2020 when everyone is looking for ways to increase their consumption of fermented foods. I love anyone who is trying to help the world consume fewer animal products. The brand’s mission to support more plant-based diets is one after my own heart and one that will help preserve our earth’s future!

Jade Woodd

This is delicious and crunchy and the perfect finish to Asian dishes. The sesame taste is powerful and a nice addition to vegetables. Love the nutritional boost it offers. I’m also all for a company that helps to close a gap in helping people reduce their meat intake. Using plant-based ingredients to add flavour and nutritional value to varied dishes certainly helps in making vegetables more enjoyable.

Larissa Tedesco

I LOVE the flavour of this blend! Really delicious sesame flavour, and I’ve been adding it on top of everything from eggs and avocado toast to salads. Delicious and original!

Phoebe Conway

I love that this delicious spice mix doesn’t contain salt as sometimes I want more flavour but can’t handle all the salt that comes with it. My favourite breakfast at the moment is this sprinkled over avocado on toast. It’s so tasty and I love knowing it’s good for me too.

Emily Fletcher

A fantastic superfood seasoning for a variety of dishes and snacks including avocado on toast, veggies, rice, stir-fries and noodles. Can turn the blandest of dishes into a tasty meal (even boiled rice!) I love the combo of superfoods such as turmeric, chia seeds and Asafoetida.

Emma Freeman

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