Organic Times – Organic Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans




Safe icon SafeMade from 100% excellent certified organic ingredients, containing organic, fair trade coffee beans from Sumatra.



Responsible icon ResponsibleOrganic Times products are certified organic by NASAA and are of the highest quality; free from palm-oil (POI approved), fair-trade (Hand-in-Hand) where applicable and packaged in locally produced and printed recycled cardboard when possible. 


The company provides support to numerous conservation organisations including the World Wildlife Fund and The Orangutan Project. 


Organic Times have 90 solar panels on their factory roof generating renewable energy and they pay for their manufacturing clear soft plastics to be recycled by Suez. Some of their small sustainable projects include; collecting plastic lids and bread tags for Lids for Kids; providing shredded paper for Wildlife for Warriors; recycling office coffee ground waste for composting and supplying staff organic staples at cost price to encourage their team to eat organically.

What our experts say…

The chocolate was delicious, and although I don’t consume much coffee, I really enjoyed the coffee beans. The bitter coffee combines perfectly with the semi-sweet chocolate, and a few go a long way. The quality is high quality and I love that cacao butter is used instead of vegetable oil.

Jade Woodd

Love the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans. The chocolate is smooth and delicate and balances perfectly with the beans. 

Larissa Tedesco

I love the taste! I am a sucker for anything coffee-flavoured and these really hit the spot. The dark chocolate has just the right amount of sweetness alongside the crunchy coffee beans. Although I am a nutritionist, I still believe we should enjoy treats and not restrict the foods we love from our diets. For this reason, I love that Organic Times are all about creating a more natural, organic alternative to the confectionary market.

Phoebe Conway

Smooth and sweet organic dark chocolate wrapped around a well-roasted, not bitter, crunchy organic coffee bean. After a few of these I get a chirpy coffee kick, they really hit my 10.30am and 3.30am coffee spots… so, so good!

Emily Fletcher

These delicious coffee beans encased in smooth chocolate are extremely addictive, and not at all bitter like other coffee beans I’ve tasted. I keep reaching for these in moments of extreme tiredness or mum/work overload!

Emma Freeman

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