Meringa Cork – Gold Fleck Yoga Mat




Safe icon SafeMade from sustainable natural cork fabric and biodegradable TPE.



Responsible icon ResponsibleMeringa Cork’s ambition is to expand and inspire the Australian community using cork products due to its unprecedented functionality, quality and application. Cork forests have an astonishing ability to absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, and the process of harvesting cork material causes no deforestation.


Their cork is naturally sourced; has a high resistance, durability and lifespan; is biodegradable, and can provide an extensive variety of textures and colours. They also use eco-friendly adhesives, vegan materials and UV inks to ensure their products remain environmentally friendly. 


Meringa Cork’s Portuguese suppliers minimize waste by ensuring leftover cork and off-cuts are repurposed into new and ecologically friendly products, such as the grit cork the brand bind together to make their natural cork yoga blocks. 

What our experts say…

I haven’t practised using a cork yoga mat in a long while but must admit how impressed I am with the amazing grip of this mat. It feels extremely smooth beneath my palms and toes, I find myself pivoting and moving between poses effortlessly. I love the gold fleck throughout the cork. A luxurious, comfortable, no-slip, grippy mat that’s super easy to clean. I see this lasting a long while!

Emma Freeman

I love the comfort and cushion support of the cork and natural rubber partnership. It’s the perfect thickness for the knees and other vulnerable joints. The gold flecks throughout the mat are also super aesthetically pleasing and make being on my mat feel very special. The cork top is not only slip-resistant but also naturally water-proof so regardless of how much I sweat, it instantly wipes away with a simple spray and cloth. Naturally anti-microbial too!

Sjana Earp

A beautiful, natural-looking and stylish mat. As I bring my focus to my breath in my practice, I am so grateful for it having no chemical smell! A smooth top surface provides a surprising amount of grip and whilst it isn’t thick, I don’t need more cushioning underneath.

Emily Fletcher

When I first opened this set (Mat, Bag and Block) I was excited by its beauty. It just looks so beautiful. I could feel the quality before I started using it. The mat has really pretty gold flecks throughout which sets it apart from other cork mats I have used. It makes your practice feel special and ritualistic. The mat is perfect for a Yin style practice (laying on the earth postures).

Melissa Mai

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