LOMARRA – UPLIFT Botanical Cleaning Spray




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and tea tree essential oils.



Responsible icon ResponsibleLOMARRA solely uses Australian essential oils in its products, there are no imported oils whatsoever. They package their products in premium glass bottles in a move away from single-use plastic and sprays can be returned, with the bottles then being cleaned and reused. 


All LOMARRA orders are packaged and sent in Australian-made recycled cardboard boxes, with shredded paper for cushioning and stretch paper for wrapping.

What our experts say…

This gorgeous cleaning spray really makes the most of the antibacterial properties of Australian essential oils. Smelling amazing, I also know that it has potent ingredients which will do the required job in a gentle, natural way. I love that the containers are returnable for refills.

Emily Fletcher

I just adore this range! I’m a big fan of using eucalyptus to clean as I have a dust mite allergy. Again, I love that only Australian essential oils sourced from the wild are used and that the divine glass bottle can be returned and reused. Beautiful, mindful products!

Emma Freeman

Wow, what an amazing scent and beautiful packaging. The spray screams LUXE and I loved that it was in a glass bottle. I found the spray cleaned very effectively – especially with four children! My cleaner even commented on how beautiful the scent was. It definitely lifted my spirits and awakened the senses as suggested in the pamphlet. Overall packing and branding – could not fault!

Petria Leggo-Field

I love the smell of Lomarra’s Uplift Botanical cleaning spray and the glass bottle is amazingly stylish. It was a great cleaner that worked well in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Fiona Morouco

It’s exciting to see a brand using Australian essential oils and glass bottles, to ensure the long-lasting quality of the oils and reusability of the containers. The spray bottles are gorgeous so make not only a nice cleaner but a great display piece for the home, your shop or luxury hotel destination. The smell is wonderful – very uplifting indeed and uniquely Australian.

Corrine Sultana

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