Kommunity Brewing Co – Raspberry Kombucha




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent organic ingredients including organic black and oolong teas with hibiscus flowers.



Responsible icon ResponsibleKommunity Brewing Company was founded with a clear mission; to change Australia’s drinking culture. They set about creating brews that are good for your gut and good for the planet. 100% of production is in-house and traditional brewing practices are used to ensure minimal interruption, no addition of sugars by other names or artificial flavourings. 


Kommunity Brewing Company recycle and sort all their waste products and they compost all raw ingredients. They use Certified Organic Ingredients (ACO and NASAA), Australian products where available, and ethically farmed and sourced teas. The company uses recyclable packaging; Australian blown glass and fully recyclable PET labels and have a provision for refillable keg stations in supermarkets.


Trillion Trees is their chosen ongoing partnership not for profit, whereby they plant native trees and understory to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion in Western Australia. They also recently supported multiple bushfire relief fundraisers across WA. 

What our experts say…

This is so alive and active – I feel as though I am drinking a homemade drink because it feels so authentic and bursting with activity. The unique ingredients and the shape of the bottle really stood out to me too. When reading the ingredients, I loved that only real sugar is used, as well as a mixture of teas and herbal products.

Jade Woodd

I really loved the shape of the bottle and the labelling of this one! I think it really stood out. On top of that, the ingredients were great and I loved the taste. Not overly sweet or any artificial flavourings. I also really love how the brand work with local microbiologists and chemists to ensure the quality of their kombucha. As a nutritionist, there can be a lot of confusion out there surrounding certain products so knowing this makes me feel more comfortable promoting it!

Phoebe Conway

Crisp and refreshing, the perfect companion on a hot day. This isn’t a sweet raspberry flavour as it is derived from raspberry leaf rather than raspberry fruit.

Emily Fletcher

I’m a huge fan of this kombucha: it doesn’t taste as acidic or vinegary as some kombucha products do. I love the subtle yet rounded flavour of the organic raspberry leaf (not raspberry fruit) blended with hibiscus. I’m also a big fan of kolong tea (which has been used to brew the kombucha). Beautiful glass bottle which can be used or recycled.

Emma Freeman

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