Honest to Goodness – Organic Seaweed Snacks




Safe icon SafeMade from three excellent ingredients: organic seaweed, organic sunflower oil and salt.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEvery product that Honest to Goodness range is organic or natural, is ethically sourced and sustainably grown. They make a conscious effort to pay a fair price for their products, and support farmers who are actively making better choices for the planet. 


They are constantly looking to reduce plastic within the company. All their shipping materials are recyclable and their bags reusable, and they are in the process of searching for a sustainable packaging solution. Honest to Goodness also keep their food waste to an absolute minimum and frequently donate to Oz Harvest or local charities. 


Local Sydney shoppers can shop packaging free at the company’s Alexandria store, where Honest to Goodness are also testing innovative solutions for zero waste – such as their Refillisophy Project. Online shoppers have the option to buy large sizes which in turn reduces packaging and saves money. 

What our experts say…

Perfect for a quick, salty snack and as a lunchbox addition. I also appreciate the brand’s efforts in reducing food waste and plastic use. 

Larissa Tedesco

Feather-light and deliciously crackly. These umami-flavoured, softly salted leaves are addictive. My two-year-old son will do literally anything for them! I like that this seaweed is farmed, organic and not wild-harvested so the focus is on sustainable practices. I only wish the packets were bigger and there was a way of minimising packaging – I hear they are on the lookout for an alternative though!

Emily Fletcher

My kids love these snacks! (and so do I). Perfectly crunchy and seasoned with sea salt, this is a simple snack that can be enjoyed by the entire family while on the go. Love that seaweed is a superfood with multiple health benefits.

Emma Freeman

Seaweed snacks are always so good, but are often filled with ingredients I don’t really eat (like MSG and vegetable oil) so I loved the ingredient list! Great flavour, crisp texture, and the high contrast packaging is a standout.

Jade Woodd

I love the idea of seaweed as a savoury, salty snack. Seaweed is really nutritious so this is a fantastic healthy snack option! I really enjoyed it crumbled over my salad for a nutrition boost.

Phoebe Conway

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