Fibre For Good – Sleeping Bag




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% chemical-free, organic, natural colour cotton.


Responsible icon ResponsibleFibre For Good puts the people who work within their vertical supply chain at the core of their business. Their farmers have been custodians of their land for centuries, and unlike conventional cotton, the farmers own their own seeds.


Regenerative farming techniques are practiced: crop rotation, biodiversity in the soils and reliance on natural rainfall, mountain run-off and aquifers. No chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides are used. Returned seeds are used for the following season or made into cooking oil as a by-product and 90% less water is used to produce the same garment. Fibre for Good complete the life cycle of their garments by incentivising customers to return the used item for a discount on their next purchase. 

What our experts say…

I love everything from this brand – it is so beautiful and soft to touch, and this sleeping bag is no different. The colour of the undyed cotton is also super great and it is true about it feeling more like cashmere than cotton. 

— Amanda Callen

This bag is super soft and snuggly without being too much. A great sleeping bag for a warmer Tasmanian evening. Fibre For Good’s dedication to low impact sustainable manufacturing and production is evident throughout their business practises. The packaging was fantastic and all of the information provided with the products showed that as a business they truly wish to educate consumers.

— Samantha Christian

A gorgeous lightweight bag with arms which keeps baby cool but cosy. Made from the softest cotton, a baby can be put inside with just a nappy on a hot day. Super easy to do a change with poppers at the bottom. Beautifully made from undyed, organically grown cotton.

Emily Fletcher

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