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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% food grade silicone.



Responsible icon Responsible – Ekoroo by Eco Shop Co’s products are ethically made, FDA approved and vegan friendly. There is no plastic packaging used, opting for paper packaging instead and reusable cotton net bags where possible. The Australian owned business also uses recycled cartons sourced from local shops. 


In partnership with i=change, Ekoroo by Eco Shop Co donate 1$ from every sale to an environmental project such as Greening Australia, and have also donated bamboo toothbrushes to the Australian Bushfire Relief and to FIJI Kids.

What our experts say…

A colourful collection of all sizes of lids to cover everything from cups to bigger bowls. I find this works best with round bowls, though it can be used over rectangular ones too and the tabs on the side make it easy to get a proper fit. I like that you can see through them so you know what is inside.

Emily Fletcher

This is an awesome product – the variation in sizes means I can fit the covers over every single (round) item in my cupboard – glasses, bowls, salad bowls, mixing bowls – you name it. I love that the covers come in different colours. Such a great alternative to tin foil or cling wrap, and being silicone means I’ll be using them for a long time.

Emma Freeman

So functional that the covers are see-through – this reduces food waste and leftovers are more likely to be eaten in time! I love how this helps the consumer make the switch from plastic wrap.

Laura Trotta

These silicone lids are very versatile and safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher. Being stretchy means they can fit on several different sized jars and containers. The shapes and tabs make them easy to fit onto (and remove from) containers. I found the different colours for different sizes helpful – it was easy to find the size I need at the back of the cupboard. A great alternative to single-use plastic wrap. I loved that the product was packaged without plastic – just a single cardboard box.

 Lindsay Miles

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