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Safe icon SafeMade from polyamide, elastane and polyester. Tested free of PFOS, PFOA, AZO dyes, organic compounds, DMFU and CMR.



Responsible icon ResponsibleConfitex wants to help women manage menstruation without resorting to environmentally unfriendly single-use products. Plastic-lined pads and liners are a vast contributor to landfill, taking as long as 500 years to biodegrade, whereas Just’nCase Briefs have been lab-tested and proven to withstand at least 52 machine wash and dry cycles and when the underwear finally do wear out, they decompose just like ordinary fabric underwear.


Confitex has never outsourced production via third-party agents. They manage their factory and production first-hand in order to closely oversee quality assurance and facilitate independent annual audits to ensure they meet international Business Social Compliance Initiative best practice.


The brand has sought to avoid significant chemical processes during manufacturing, developing a textile that is yarn-dyed prior to knitting which results in lower PH levels to ensure women are not adversely impacted. Confitex also commissioned independent standards laboratory UL to test their absorbent textile for any possibility of chemical substances that might come into contact with the wearer’s private parts – passing all the tests for non-toxic substances.


What our experts say…

Having never used period pants before, this was a wonderful first experience! This underwear not only looks chic and sexy, but they feel super comfortable. The padded area is unnoticeable and absorbs all leakage and moisture as if by magic, even on heavy flow days. They are easy to wash and use again. Best of all they contain no plastic and are zero waste, saving me a tonne of money on pads and tampons. I’m converted!

Emma Freeman

Incredibly flattering and a confidence boost at a time of the month I’m feeling pretty bloated! They also hold up to 5 tampons worth absorbency wise. I must admit I’m still working up to wearing one pair for a full day and feel happier changing to a second pair at lunchtime. Though I’ve had no leaks or odour issues at all and am gaining confidence with each wear.

Emily Fletcher

These briefs are very comfortable to wear; they do not feel different to regular underwear but are very absorbent. They are easy to clean, being machine washable in a regular cycle and come with a laundry bag to help protect them during washing and ensure they last.

Lindsay Miles

The comfort and fashionability of this product far outweigh other competitors. The brand complements my values in terms of ethical production and sustainability-minded.

Laura Wells

Who said period undies can’t be sexy? I love these lacy, high-waisted period undies! They are so comfortable and absorbent.

Rosie Rees

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