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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% PLA (polylactic acid, compostable fibre).



Responsible icon ResponsibleBiocasa’s Frusack is a reusable, durable produce bag that composts in 8 days and creates no waste. It’s produced in Europe, under fair conditions for those under whose hands the Frusack is made.


Biocasa have also introduced a recycling system whereby customers can return their Frusack back to the company to take care of its careful disposal or further use.

What our experts say…

A unique produce bag option made from corn-starch. It is strong and takes a good amount of produce. This is a well thought out, non-plastic, compostable option – taking this product type to the next level.

Corrine Sultana

These bags are a great size to fit your regular fruit and veg. I love that the drawstring closes securely so your fruit and veg don’t fall out. The white netting also makes it easy for the checkout person to identify what’s inside. You get 3 bags in a pack plus I like the peach/magenta drawstring colours —it’s the little things!

Fiona Morouco

These 3 bags can be used for everything from buying fruit and vegetables at the market to using in the wash to protect delicates. Made from commercially compostable PLA, they are impressively strong and hold up to 3.5kg despite being feather-light. I love to have these in my bag so that I never get caught out having to use plastic at the shops.

Emily Fletcher

These tough, large, compostable produce bags have been particularly useful at the farmer’s market when buying apples, potatoes and other heavy items. Love that they are biodegradable!

Emma Freeman

Lightweight, see-through, and reduces unnecessary single-use plastic when fresh produce shopping.

Laura Trotta

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