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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes 24K Gold Leaf, coffee extract, organic blueberry oil and linden flower and passionflower oils.


Responsible icon ResponsibleEdible Beauty Australia is committed to sustainability and its Green Beauty Ethos features environmentally-friendly pledges like; onshore production in Australia, recyclable packaging, and use of sustainable, wildcrafted ingredients.


They provide the highest level of “edible” purity, limiting exposure to synthetic and toxic chemicals, and leaving out all the nasties. The company uses recyclable glass for packaging and works with Terracycle to transform caps, lids and pouches into children’s playgrounds, outdoor furniture and more.


During the recent Australian bushfire crisis, Edible Beauty Australia donated over $10,000 to charities providing both human and animal relief efforts. This year they also sold Mothers’ Day bundles to support The Hills Women’s Shelter, Every Little Bit Helps and Women’s Community Shelters by donating Edible Beauty products. Over 300 units of product have been donated to Aboriginal women in remote communities who do not have access to basic toiletries and self-care items, through The Happy Boxes Project.

What our experts say…

A rich eye cream that leaves the skin feeling comfortable and nourished. When used under concealer, it helps prevent crepiness and dryness in the makeup. The packaging is elegant. I’m also impressed by their wide-ranging charitable activities, as well as their commitment to onshore production and supporting local communities.

Sigourney Cantelo

This is a truly beautiful and luxurious product, inspired by Geishas who once used gold to give their skin an incandescent glow. As such, this deeply moisturising eye cream contains shavings of 24K gold leaf! My eye area looks brighter and is extremely soft and smooth after one week of use.

Emma Freeman

This is a rich hydrating eye cream that I enjoyed using. I love the use of the gold flakes, which added a little touch of luxury. The cream was also brightening which is an added bonus for dark circles.

Shahrzad Kahrobai

I was so relieved when I came across this product as it is so intensively nourishing and packed with incredible powerhouse ingredients. I prefer this as a night time eye treatment and I’ve really noticed with regular use my fine lines are softer and my skin around my eyes more hydrated and smoother.

Emily Fletcher


A beautiful, well-formulated product. Nice packaging that stands out. In addition, this brand has many strong ethical standards and also supports some great philanthropic causes.

Bonnie G

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