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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including zinc oxide, rosehip oil and kakadu plum extract. SPF 50+



Responsible icon ResponsibleEdible Beauty Australia is committed to sustainability and its Green Beauty Ethos features environmentally-friendly pledges like; onshore production in Australia, recyclable packaging, and use of sustainable, wildcrafted ingredients. 


They provide the highest level of “edible” purity, limiting exposure to synthetic and toxic chemicals, and leaving out all the nasties. The company uses recyclable glass for packaging and works with Terracycle to transform caps, lids and pouches into children’s playgrounds, outdoor furniture and more. 


During the recent Australian bushfire crisis, Edible Beauty Australia donated over $10,000 to charities providing both human and animal relief efforts. This year they also sold Mothers’ Day bundles to support The Hills Women’s Shelter, Every Little Bit Helps and Women’s Community Shelters by donating Edible Beauty products. Over 300 units of product have been donated to Aboriginal women in remote communities who do not have access to basic toiletries and self-care items, through The Happy Boxes Project.


What our experts say…

I love the ingredients, the feeling on my skin and the fact that it’s all eco and reef safe. Donating $10K to Australia’s recent bushfires is also admirable!

Rosie Rees

I love the attention to detail in the formulation – there are lots of skin conditioners to accompany the protection, which I think is a great way to go. The rate of regular use of protective products can only be improved if it’s as sensorial as it can be, and this one feels good to use.

Amy Starr


Prior to the Non-Toxic Awards I had never used natural sunscreen, I am definitely a convert now! It was thicker than I was used to and took more effort to rub in, however I found it very good at protecting skin whilst in the sun, which is what mattered. I also loved the small custom-sized box that the sunscreen was shipped in – a great way to save on packaging materials and also on shipping costs. 

Petria Leggo-Field

Imagine a delicious-smelling, skin-nourishing, anti-aging, botanical active-filled, luxurious face and body moisturiser… now make it SPF 50… and you’ve got a hint of an idea of just how incredible this product is. The term sunscreen does not do it justice! You definitely won’t forget to reapply this beauty – it turns the affair into a luxe beauty experience.

Emily Fletcher

Well, this doesn’t look or smell like sunscreen. It glides onto the skin like a moisturiser, leaves no white streaks, and smells good enough to eat. The combo of Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil stops the Zinc Oxide from drying my skin out. The size of the tube is really handy for throwing into your handbag – I’ll be using this one all summer!

Emma Freeman

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