Eco by Sonya Driver – Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes certified organic macadamia oil and shea butter with lemongrass, grapefruit and citrus botanicals.


Responsible icon ResponsibleEco by Sonya Driver are dedicated to creating products which are good for people and for the earth. Their product formulations are free from toxic chemicals, GMOs, parabens, SLS, PEGs and the list goes on. Instead, they use beautiful certified organic and natural ingredients that provide a variety of benefits to the skin. 


The company is certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia, certified by Choose Cruelty Free and is accredited toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Eco by Sonya Driver’s products are biodegradable, ingredients are responsibly sourced from Australia and communities around the globe, and they use recycled and recyclable materials to create product packaging.


The brand’s Hand and Nail Cream is a not-for-profit organic product, of which 100% of its profits go directly to the charity for Rafiki Mwema, who help vulnerable children that are victims of horrific sexual abuse in Kenya.

What our experts say…

The formula is super convenient to use, and the organic lemongrass scent was cleansing and uplifting for a morning shower. I thoroughly enjoyed the vigour with which the super grainy oil-rich paste sloughed at skin and the instant smoothing effect it provides was pretty addictive.

Amy Starr

I love the texture of this product – and being in a tube it’s super easy to apply and use. I quite like that you need to apply to dry skin as it cuts down on water wastage as well.

 Lucy E Cousins

A dry body scrub – I love it! It lets me exfoliate to the level I’m hoping for and then melts away in the shower leaving only nurturing oils on my super soft and smooth skin. Being dry, the particles in this aren’t needed to be so coarse and it’s even gentle enough to use on my face. This scrub makes full body exfoliation easy and accurate so it’s the perfect self tan prep.

Emily Fletcher

This is now an essential in the shower. The smell of the scrub teleports me to a day spa and is great for removing excess tan. 

 Rosie Rees

I’m totally in love with this product – I always feel so clean and refreshed after use. I love the summery scent of lemongrass, grapefruit and coconut and how easy it is to use in the shower. The himalayan salt is quite soft and not too harsh against the skin and does a fantastic job of removing dead skin as well as old self tan.

Emma Freeman

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