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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEco by Sonya Driver are dedicated to creating products which are good for people and for the earth. Their product formulations are free from toxic chemicals, GMOs, parabens, SLS, PEGs and the list goes on. Instead, they use beautiful certified organic and natural ingredients that provide a variety of benefits to the skin. 


The company is certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia, certified by Choose Cruelty Free and is accredited toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Eco by Sonya Driver’s products are biodegradable, ingredients are responsibly sourced from Australia and communities around the globe, and they use recycled and recyclable materials to create product packaging.


The brand’s Hand and Nail Cream is a not-for-profit organic product, of which 100% of its profits go directly to the charity for Rafiki Mwema, who help vulnerable children that are victims of horrific sexual abuse in Kenya.


What our experts say…

This is a large sized hand sanitiser that works well and dries very cleanly and quickly, without drying your hands out. It’s great to see the brand is focused on providing a great outcome for customers as well as for the environment, which is exactly the type of product you want to buy.

Corrine Sultana

I absolutely love the packaging of this hand sanitiser! The spray is a nice fine mist, which I prefer, and the smell is fruity and tangy without a strong alcohol smell. The product also dries fast and feels soft on my skin.

 Stephanie Kurlow

I’m a huge fan of this fresh lemongrass and eucalyptus scent and love that this bottle is so large, given using hand sanitiser has become a multiple times a day event now. I really like that this bottle is made from recycled materials and is recyclable too.

Emily Fletcher

As far as hand sanitisers go, this one is both elegant and luxurious. The scent is refreshing and citrussy. The aloe vera does a wonderful job of preventing my hands from drying out. The size is perfect for my handbag, although because it’s so pretty we keep this one by the door.

Emma Freeman

The smell is the nicest part of this product. I love the slightly citrusy and eucalyptus scented sanitiser and feel it’s a great product to use at home or on my office desk. 

 Ria Andrini

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