Earthwise Beauty – Nap in the Meadow Face Serum




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic or responsibly wildcrafted ingredients. Includes elderberry and tumeric root extracts, Italian everlasting and German blue chamomile oils.


Responsible icon ResponsibleEarthwise Beauty’s passion for sustainability informs everything that they do, from their ingredient selection (commitment to organic gardening and hand-processing of many ingredients, and sourcement of others primarily from family-run artisanal organic farms and distilleries) and product development, to packaging and shipping materials. 


They are dedicated to finding the most earth-friendly products available for all their packaging and shipping needs, and are constantly on the hunt for better and more sustainable options.


What our experts say…

I truly love everything about this product; the feel of it, the weight of it, the scent of it, how well it gets along with other products layered on top of it. It’s so hydrating, but yet so lightweight, and it delivers antioxidants and gives my skin such a healthy, glowy, plumpness. I adore this product. Everything Earthwise stands for also aligns with how I view the world; always striving to do better, and putting in so much time and effort with relationships. You can tell that they really listen and are so passionately committed to their brand and the world around them. 

Gillian Latu

I love how this serum instantly hydrates and soothes my skin. It is a revolutionary and impressive product that is a must for oily / acne prone skin types! The nourishing, unique botanical ingredients have helped heal my skin. Earthwise Beauty’s core values as a brand and their social responsibility also resonate with my values as a green beauty blogger. I admire and respect how they formulate and choose their ingredients.

Shahrzad Kahrobai

I love the beautiful packaging and the unique and enticing smell. It’s one of the most easy oils to apply! The unrefined, plant-based ingredients are important to me, and you can tell the product doesn’t have preservatives or any nasties for skin. Their packaging was sustainable, mainly glass, and compostable peanuts to keep the bottles safe.

Kate Hall


A potent herbal elixir which is full of anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant ingredients, yet it still manages to be gentle and hydrating. Really refreshing to use when refrigerated like the bottle suggests.

Emily Fletcher

This beautiful serum is so incredibly cooling and refreshing. I no longer suffer with acne or oiliness, but I do get a little bit of blackhead congestion, and I can feel those areas of my face benefiting from this divine little serum. My skin looks really clear and feels super hydrated after one week’s use.

Emma Freeman

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