Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen – Kawakawa & Tamanu Certified Natural Sun Protection SPF50




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including zinc oxide, rosehip and jojoba oils, shea butter and manuka honey. SPF 50+.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEarth’s Kitchen is on a mission to eradicate poisonous sunscreens: from our bodies, our waterways, our coral, animals and marine ecosystems. “Every second breath we take is made from the ocean – phytoplankton makes oxygen – and we are killing it and our coral with chemicals in sunscreen – transported by us, straight into the sea.”


The company has partnered with Pacific Island locals, businesses, wisdom keepers and coral reseeding projects to educate, learn and regenerate the reefs. They wildcraft their native NZ forest medicine with sustainable practices, utilising the aerial parts to grow their plants, not chop them down – with 7th generation thinking at the heart of everything they do.


The company has partnered with women’s initiatives in the Pacific Islands and Zambia and have initiated partnerships with Sea Legacy, Blue Sphere Foundation and Ocean Impact Organisation. They sponsor surf clubs, schools, beach days and fishing comps with free sunscreen. 

What our experts say…

I love that this product is reef safe – this is so important to me. I value all the endeavours Earth’s Kitchen are doing for the reef in being completely wild-crafted and all natural ingredients.

Rosie Rees

I’m impressed by the notion of ecocert zinc oxide, and the texture and scent (so unusual and so beautiful!) of this high-level sunscreen make it a joy to use. It feels rich to apply, but I found it disappeared into the skin impressively quickly. The aesthetics are great too – modern and cool. Lots to love here.

Amy Starr


Loved using this sunscreen – we took it away on holidays with us to the Gold Coast. Not one of my children or myself had any sunburn when using it, and it didn’t leave our skin really white either. It smelt really beautiful and felt lovely on our skin – such a great sunscreen and I will definitely be purchasing again once this bottle is finished!

Petria Leggo-Field

This is one of the least visible sunscreens I have applied despite feeling quite concentrated coming out of the tube. Smelling divine, this is easy to apply and packed with skin nourishing ingredients. I love how Earth’s Kitchen is so active in their efforts to raise awareness about protecting our reefs.

Emily Fletcher

There’s something so refreshing about jumping into the ocean knowing you are wearing a super-protective (SPF 50) sunscreen that not only protects you, but the ocean you are diving into! This brand does wonderful things to help protect our dying reefs as well as native forests in NZ. Meanwhile, their sunscreen is 100% reef safe and a far better alternative to the conventional sunscreens that are wreaking havoc in our oceans and essentially contributing to climate change. At SPF 50, the sunscreen is thick, but thanks to the added essential oils and beeswax, it disperses easily and is not at all drying for your skin (or palms!) A beautiful scent too.

Emma Freeman

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