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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Pouch: Polyethylene. Cap: Polyethylene. It is ideal to not heat food in plastics and to use cold or decant to heat.


Responsible icon ResponsibleCherub Baby offset carbon emissions produced by their utilities via Greenfleet, a not-for-profit initiative that plants native biodiverse forests to help fight the impacts of climate change. The company distributes their products to consumers using compostable packaging satchels and recycled cardboard boxes.

What our experts say…

These are very convenient and make mealtimes less messy. I love the see-through packet so you can see what is inside and how much is left, and these are also great for travelling. It didn’t take long before my boys were able to get the hang of the squeezy method and they really enjoyed being able to feed themselves easily (and I enjoyed not having to clean up a giant mess after!)

Amanda Callen

I loved how easy these pouches were to use and transport. The fact that they are see-through was a huge help when deciding on what to feed the baby. I also value that Cherub Baby use products that are safe and more environmentally conscious than most reusable pouches.

Samantha Christian

I love that I can make my own snack packs in a really simple way! Using the reusable baby food pouches as opposed to buying the pre-made tubes from the supermarket ensures I stay in control of what my baby eats (no sneaky nasties) and saves me money.

Melissa Mai

I have always steered clear of shop-bought pouches as I don’t like the waste and I’m unsure about the materials of the inside lining. So when I trialled these with my children – a pouch I was happy with the materials of, could reuse, and which also allowed them to feed themselves independently – it couldn’t have been more of a success! Easy to fill, easy to clean with a bottle brush, fun, and easy for young children to use, these are one of those wonderful products which make parenting easier.

Emily Fletcher

I try my best to avoid pouches for my kids so this is a wonderful zero-waste alternative. I’ve found them really handy for giving my son dairy-free yoghurt. Great for stews and pureed food too. I’d love to try them with frozen juice.

Emma Freeman

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