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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. LFGB Certified Food Grade silicone.


Responsible icon ResponsibleWean Meister is an Australian business run by a mum of four, who chooses to create products using the more stringently tested LFGB-certified Silicone over FDA-certified Silicone. All products are durable and made to last more than one child. The company also donates to the ‘Save The Children’ charity.

What our experts say…

My babies are a bit young to get the full benefit of the scoopsy bowl, but it is a great non-breakable option and so easy to clean. I love that this bowl is made from silicone and not plastic and that it can withstand a variety of temperatures without nasties leaching into the food.

Amanda Callen

Loved that this product helps aid independent eating during mealtime. The side profile of the bowl made it super easy for Miss C (2 years old) to eat her food (breakfast mostly) without the need for assistance. The use of silicone is also a great idea; not only is the bowl unsmashable, but it also grips the table much better than most dinnerware designed for children.

Samantha Christian

The silicone material makes the bowl non-slip. It is also a very good size for baby/toddler meals. I resonate with Wean Meister’s non-negotiables of the best quality and best customer service.

Melissa Mai

This is the perfect bowl for a child learning to self-feed. The way the curve of the bowl is shaped to push food back onto the spoon, combined with a forgiving rim to catch spills, it is a very powerful combination. So well thought out and very well made. My 2-year-old son loves it (and so do I!)

Emily Fletcher

A really handy bowl for cereal, yogurt and snacks with an overhanging edge so as to assist your toddler with keeping food on their spoon. Lovely bendy silicone.

Emma Freeman

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