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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% EU food grade silicone.



Responsible icon ResponsibleWe Might Be Tiny have opted to produce their range with 100% EU food-grade silicone – a material which is derived from natural ingredients (sand), and allows consumers to reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics. 


Their manufacturer is ISO9001 compliant and regularly audited by Sedex Global for labour standards, health, safety, environment and business ethics. We Might Be Tiny have consciously re-designed their packaging to a majority cardboard material. They primarily use sea freight, the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation to Australia. 


Since 2017, We Might Be Tiny has donated monthly to the Australian Conservation Foundation. In 2020, they contributed towards the Victorian Bushfire Appeals. In 2021 the brand will launch a return-to-recycle program, giving customers the opportunity to return silicone products that have reached their end-of-life to be recycled into sporting surfaces (e.g. soccer pitches). 

What our experts say…

With a bend in the design, these cleverly designed straws are easier for kids to drink from when seated and they also have an angled tip for making sure you can drink the last bit at the bottom of your cup! My kids drink more when they use them, they are easy to clean and they handle thick smoothies without effort. My favourite thing though is that finally, I have found a reusable straw that I don’t freak out about when my toddler goes running away holding them (Stainless steel straws and running kids are a disaster waiting to happen!)

Emily Fletcher

I loved the different colour options, and the textured pattern on the straw made them easy to grip. Although they are described as bendy they are very sturdy – but bend when you need to clean them. They are a great size – wide enough for fruit not to get stuck and easy to clean. The provided brush also fits the straw well and does a good job of cleaning.

 Lindsay Miles

I love that it’s safe for kids to use! These straws are bright in colour and great in design – the bendy design is perfect for children who can easily tip over cups with a straight straw.

Laura Trotta

I love the colours and the texture of the product, perfect for kids. Super fun!

Laura Wells

These were instantly a hit with my kids who were begging to use them as soon as they saw the packet. They now won’t drink juice or water without them – at home or out! The fact that they’re bendy makes it easy for my nearly-2-year-old to drink with a straw without knocking the glass over. he also loves using it as a teether. They’re also easy to throw into the bag to take to cafes. Brilliant family-friendly product.

Emma Freeman

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