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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Australian Natural Soap Company’s products are all plastic-free, vegan, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and greywater safe. Most of the oils used are produced by Australian farmers.


From their raw ingredients to the finished product, the company’s soaps do not come into contact with plastic at all. 


Through an ongoing partnership with the Orangutan Project, The Australian Natural Soap Company has raised almost $35,000 to help rescue and rehabilitate orangutans in Indonesia. 

What our experts say…

I love that these beautifully fragrant flakes are made from all the offcuts from the amazing soaps at ANSC. I found these worked best in my washing machine (cold wash) if I stirred them with a little hot water just before. If I don’t have a crazily full load, I find it works fine too if I miss that step.

Emily Fletcher

Such a beautiful all-natural and greywater safe laundry soap. So easy to use – just two tablespoons per wash and I have been adding eucalyptus oil for added antibacterial properties and scent. Clothes are soft and clean after use.

Emma Freeman

Out of all the laundry products tested, the scent of this product was my favourite. I found it quite easy to use even though it was my first time using soap flakes and the product cleaned my clothes really easily and came out smelling gorgeous. I highly recommend this product!

Petria Leggo-Field

These soap flakes cleaned my clothes well and I liked the convenience of not having to shave the soap block. It’s also great that the soap is palm oil-free and biodegradable.

Fiona Morouco

A fragrance-free laundry option with a straight forward formula. I found it worked best for me when added to hot water to turn liquid first. Traceability of ingredients and protection of animal habitat = great brand initiatives!

Corrine Sultana

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