Second Earth – 2E ‘Connected’ Yoga Mat




Safe icon SafeMade from sustainable tree rubber, jute and natural sulphur. *Preserved with BHT.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSecond Earth’s mission is to develop the best performing and most sustainable yoga mat on the market. The natural rubber for their mats is sourced ethically and sustainably from rubber tree farms located in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Their jute is sustainably farmed in Bangladesh.


Their manufacturer uses a high-tech patented process to combine the jute and natural rubber, meaning the mats contain no glues or binding agents. Second Earth keep all packaging to a minimum, using recycled paper and cardboard, and their shipping is carbon neutral. 


Second Earth have supported a variety of organisations, including; Precious Wings, Cancer Council, Starlight Children’s Foundation and African Cat Project. They also like to help their yoga studio community wherever possible, supplying products to support various and offering heavily discounted prices to support yoga teachers. 

What our experts say…

Such fantastic grip! As someone who tends to get a little slippy during yoga practice, the grippy surface of this yoga mat is truly valued. I love the smell of jute + natural rubber. I’m impressed by the extra steps this brand takes to support various charities and causes.

Emma Freeman

This is such a grounding mat! The design is simple, earthy and very pleasing. It unrolls perfectly flat right out of the box, so no sticky edges interrupting your practice! The grip is great – I feel really supported and know I won’t slip in my down dogs — meaning I feel like I can push a little deeper in my practice. The size is perfect, even enough room for longer limbs to stretch out! The thickness is the perfect cushion for a stable yet comfortable practice even on elbows and knees. The jute and natural rubber create a really lovely partnership – I love knowing that there are no harmful or toxic chemicals in my mat and helps me to feel really grounded and connected to the earth and myself. It even comes with a cotton carry strap, for even more functionality. I also used the carry strap doubles as a yoga strap to deepen my poses which I loved!

Sjana Earp

At 4mm, this mat is not very thick and yet feels supportive and is a delight to use. I love that it is super grippy and its natural rubber smell is not overwhelming at all, even when first opened. The bag comes with a cotton carry strap which I found useful as rubber mats are naturally dense and so slightly heavier.

Emily Fletcher

It’s hard for me to share what I love most about this product, as I love so much about it! The mat looks beautiful and earthy and I happened to receive my favourite colour – green. If I had to choose my favourite aspect of this product it’s that the mat is so grippy. It’s the first thing I look for in choosing a new yoga mat.

Melissa Mai

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