ROK Kombucha – Ginger Pop




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent organic ingredients including organic white and green teas with cold pressed ginger and lemon juices.



Responsible icon ResponsibleROK Kombucha ensures there is little to no waste in its production processes. All products are packaged in glass bottles for recycling purposes. They also donate their SCOBY at the end of each brew to an organic vineyard to be used as fertiliser.

What our experts say…

One of the best kombucha I have tried (and I have tried a lot). The ginger flavour really pops and I can really notice the absence of artificial flavours that so many other brands use. The packaging is really cute and I love the illustrations – definitely grabs my eye. This is a premium kombucha with real, organic ingredients.

Jade Woodd

Loved the vibrant packaging. The kombucha is not overly sweet and has a delicate flavour of ginger. The brand’s Social Responsibility Statement also resonates profoundly with my values, especially in regards to the process, packaging and community support it endorses.

Larissa Tedesco

I loved the labelling and the flavour of this! Really delicious and not too sweet. This one was definitely my favourite flavour out of all the kombucha brands I tried. I also love that ROK have a really strong focus on keeping the brand local; they make it in Margaret River, Australia, which is fantastic.

Phoebe Conway

As a ginger lover, this is right up my alley and didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Not too sweet and perfectly balanced with the sourness of the lemon, this refreshing bottle of gingery goodness both meets my ginger craving and also feels good for my body.

Emily Fletcher

This truly does contain a “pop” of ginger and has a good fizz to boot. It’s nice and fiery and the lemon is subtle yet sweet. I love that the company donates used SCOBYs to farms as fertiliser!

Emma Freeman

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