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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Free from chlorine, phthalates, dioxins, pesticide residues and glyphosate. Dermatologically tested. Certified OEKO-TEX 100 and have BioSafe’s Glyphosate Free Certificate. Have applied for the FSC Certifications, proving pulp is from responsible sources.


Responsible icon ResponsibleCreated by parents for parents, Rascal + Friends’ social responsibility starts with their brand vision: to provide premium, no nasties baby products, at an affordable price – making them accessible to a broader range of families. The wipes’ ingredient list, the role of each ingredient and its Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating are readily available to read on both their packaging and website. They have formulated their wipes with 50% plant-based ingredients and packaged them in a way that limits wastage, ensuring that only one wipe comes out at a time. 


Rascal + Friends use events and social media platforms to fundraise for New Zealand’s Starship Children’s Hospital and Australia’s Jeans for Genes charities. Additionally, they made monetary donations to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES charities during the Australian Bushfire Crisis 2019 – 2020, as well as donating nappies to various relief organisations. Globally, they have donated over 343,500 nappies worldwide to various charitable organisations. They have also made donations to Black Lives Matter and The National Black Doulas Association. 

What our experts say…

Comfy and effective, my toddler really liked these.1. Not perfect, but a far cry better than most mainstream nappy brands. I like that they’ve been tested for harmful substances and pesticides.

— Sarah Berry

These fit well, don’t fall apart even when lifted up and down a few times and they are very absorbent. I use these for my son as now he is day toilet trained and asks to get up in the night if he needs to wee and these make it so easy, rather than having to re-do a nappy! I also love how they are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and that the company really tries to give back to their local and global communities.

Emily Fletcher

It’s really difficult to find a decent non-toxic pull-up nappy, and Rascal + Friends’ pull-ups are such a great option. These nappies are really helpful for both daytime and night-time toilet training for both my sons. Really easy to use and a lovely snug, comfy, non-leak fit.

— Emma Freeman

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