Mizzie The Kangaroo – 100% Natural Rubber Teething Toy




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree. Non-toxic water-based paints.


Responsible icon ResponsibleMizzie The Kangaroo is an environmentally conscious brand with a strong purpose: to Develop Young Children Through Fun. They utilise recyclable packaging made of ethically-sourced cardboard, using only minimal packaging when absolutely necessary (i.e. to protect the teethers from dirt and germs). Mizzie strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, printing thank you cards on recycled paper, and shipping with recyclable boxes and minimal brown paper. 


Their products are all non-toxic, natural, and made with materials sourced through nature in an ethical manner in their efforts to be as sustainable as possible. These materials include their Hevea Tree Rubber, paper/cardboard, and water-based paints. Mizzie The Kangaroo also believes in supporting local and national charities; during the recent Australian Wildfires, Mizzie The Kangaroo donated 10% of returns to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Foundation to help rescue wildlife. The company is also a supporter of the Starlight Foundation.

What our experts say…

We never usually go for ‘squeaky’ toys but the Mizzie kangaroo squeaky sound has distracted the babies when they have been sad. I have been using it as a trick to get them into their car seats and it has been working well. There are lots of areas to chew on and it keeps them occupied for a longer time than the more simple teething toys.

Amanda Callen

My baby and toddler both loved this fun, squeaky and bath-friendly, eco-friendly teething toy. It was a winner. I feel reassured knowing that my bub is chewing on and having such fun with a product that doesn’t contain toxic materials and is made by a company that prioritises ethical sourcing of materials.

Sarah Berry

Don’t be surprised if you find your child sucking Mizzie’s nose – my son Charlie went straight for it due to it being nipple-shaped and found it really comforting. Mizzie is also fun, bright, large, light and squeaks! A huge hit in our family. Just make sure that you follow the strict cleaning instructions and don’t immerse in water.

Emily Fletcher

Move over Sophie the Giraffe, Australia has its own trademark teething toy! I love that this teether doubles as both a toy and a teether. Both kids love Mizzie’s squeak. Also love that it’s made from Hevea rubber.

Emma Freeman

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