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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 98%+ sustainable bamboo fibre, binding agent.



Responsible icon ResponsibleGood Change believes in giving back. For every pack of eco cloths they sell, a month’s worth of clean drinking water is donated to a family in Cambodia, as coordinated by B1G1. 


They are also actively involved in local beach clean-ups in an effort to protect our ocean wildlife. Good Change partners with like-minded organisations who have a similar ethos and believe that joining forces will help to create a bigger change.

What our experts say…

The sheets on the roll are not big or bulky yet one roll is the equivalent of 65 rolls of paper towel, which means a lot of single-use towels replaced. I love that these sheets can be washed in the washing machine (up to 60°C to give them a proper clean). No plastic packaging either – hurrah!

Lindsay Miles

With small children, paper towels have been my zero waste shortfall – until now. I am always mopping up spills and sometimes a cloth just doesn’t do when you need something to be absorbed quickly. I love that I can have a pile of these on the go and just throw them down on the mess and it is sucked up in no time. These also work great cleaning mirrors and windows. I usually just rinse them out in the sink and they dry in no time on the oven handle and I just pile them up again. When done, they are compostable! So good!

Emily Fletcher

These bamboo wipes are a reusable replacement for the single-use kitchen paper towel we’re all so accustomed to. Also available in a handy, easy-to-reach for roll, I often found myself reaching for them for various spills around the house. After use, I rinsed the towel out, dried it, and placed in a drawer for re-use. Can be washed and reused up to 75 times. Sadly the pieces don’t join back together to form a new roll (wouldn’t that be perfect!)

Emma Freeman

This is a great sized, absorbent eco cloth that’s compostable at the end of life!

Laura Trotta

Super easy to soak up messes, handy roll form, works just like a paper towel would. Classy design and enticing to use. Washes easily.

Kate Hall

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