Earth Bottles – Coffee Nut Travel Cup




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 18/8 food grade stainless steel cup and food grade silicone lid.



Responsible icon ResponsibleLast year Earth Bottles removed 1,700kg of rubbish from the Australian coastline in a string of local beach clean-ups that they call the “Clean the Coast Tour”. 


The brand also donate to various Australian charities, including; Beyond Blue Official, BCNA, Fifteen Trees and UNHFCR.

What our experts say…

Not only is this the most gorgeous looking and exquisitely crafted insulated coffee cup, keeping your coffee hotter for longer and your hands cool. It is also made by a company walking the talk. Earth Bottles are all about social responsibility and not only do they donate to a variety of Australian charities, they also host many beach clean up events. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

I love the organic look and feel of this reusable cup, it’s very me! The fact that it’s insulated and keeps my coffee/ tea warm is a big winner: I’m the queen of leaving hot drinks unattended due to child-raising. Love the easy-to-remove silicone lid too.

Emma Freeman

Nice design, great size and it’s plastic-free. The company is seeking to improve their local environment as well as having a bigger impact. I like and respect how this business is helping out in their local community with initiatives such as the Clean the Coast Tour.

Laura Trotta

The colours and design are fantastic, unlike anything else on the market. Unbreakable.  I love that this brand collaborates with others and uses their skills and network to make a difference. They are constantly organising cleanups and educating their customers on how to live a waste-free life.

Laura Wells

The stainless steel cup is very easy to clean and keeps my hot drink insulated as well as being unbreakable. A great one to throw in a bag and not worry about it smashing. The lid is silicone, so there is no plastic used. The blue marble pattern is cool and unique.

 Lindsay Miles

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