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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Cotton with a plant-based TPU lining.



Responsible icon Responsible4MyEarth’s products are ethically handmade made in India. Indian cotton is used, reducing the need for transporting cloth from overseas. 4myearth also contributes to Cry.Org, assisting in the organisation’s work with children in Delhi.


Cotton and coating are biodegradable and natural dyes are used in the company’s printing processes. Products are FDA food safe approved and vegan friendly, and since 2007 have eliminated the need for single-use plastic in thousands of homes, businesses and schools.

What our experts say…

Such a sweet and pretty, easy and practical solution to covering food! With stretchy elastic, these food covers are so good as they are very forgiving about the size and shape of what you are trying to cover. With a plant-based coating underneath, they are super easy to wipe or rinse clean. So delightful, these will definitely be covering my salads taken for picnics over the summer.

Emily Fletcher

These simple food covers are so easy to pop onto a bowl or dish to keep food fresh. A big win for me is how easy they are to clean: simply turn inside out and run under the tap, or wipe with a cloth. I found the variety of sizes fit most dishes and bowls.

Emma Freeman

I liked that the 4myearth Food Covers come in various sizes that fit perfectly over dinner plates and bowls.  It’s food grade safe and plastic-free (including plastic-free packaging and postage). I also LOVE how the food covers can just be washed in a kitchen sink or placed in the washing machine. SO easy to use!

Laura Trotta

These reusable food covers are much easier to use than cling film, and I love that they are machine washable. The different sizes were handy for fitting over different sized jars and bowls. They seem well made and designed to last.

 Lindsay Miles

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