The Vegan Dairy – Persian Feta




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent, mostly organic ingredients including organic cashews and organic coconut oil with thyme, rosemary, sage and lemon.



Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Vegan Dairy have always strived to create products with the most minimal, healthful, and eco-conscious ingredients available. Everything they use is organic, has no preservatives and no fillers. 


They carefully select packaging options that reduce waste and place a value on reusable and sustainable options. Their glass jars are reusable and plastic vacuum bags are 100% home compostable. 


The Vegan Dairy only work with companies who are 100% committed to never using any child, slave, or animal labour, and who work to support and give back to the communities they work within.

What our experts say…

This tastes great in salads and other meals – the lovely herby and lemony flavours add a light touch to Mediterranean dishes. I love the brand’s commitment to offering packaging that is reusable or home compostable. Their ethos follows what I’d want for the food I enjoy at home.

Larissa Tedesco

Vegans can, at last, enjoy cheese! This would be the star of any cheese plate… Infused with delicious herbs, it is smooth and extremely tasty. It also looks gorgeous in its cute glass jar and would be perfect in a gift hamper for even the most discerning friend. I love that the Vegan Dairy will take back, sterilise and reuse the jars too.

Emily Fletcher

This has a Philadelphia-style texture and taste to it, tastes amazing on a cracker/toast or in a salad. Preserved in cold-pressed rice bran oil so has an extended fridge life.

Emma Freeman

The glass packaged cheese is so lush (and reusable – love it!) but the flavour and texture of the cheese are just phenomenal. This is the best vegan feta I have tried, and the product just feels so special. I love the rosemary in there, too.

Jade Woodd

I really love the packaging of this product, the reusable jar as well as how cute the labelling is! Such a great idea for those who don’t consume dairy products. I know how many people these days have intolerances or food preferences, so I really love a product like this that is designed to fill a gap that some people may experience in their diet!

Phoebe Conway

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