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Safe icon SafeMade from 100% excellent certified organic ingredients including organic sour cherries, goji berries, acai, cranberries and linseed.



Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Smoothie Bombs select ingredients, packaging and other business practices that reflect their commitment to environmental sustainability. The inner wrappers on each individual Smoothie Bomb are compostable (made from cellulose, not plastic). Their tube packaging is recyclable cardboard and they use compostable mailer bags for online orders.


The Melbourne-based company’s ingredients are certified organic. All products are made from plant-based, natural ingredients and they source local ingredients where possible.


The Smoothie Bombs regularly donate prizes in local community fundraisers and donate all faulty packaging to kindergartens to use for arts and crafts. They use their online and social media platforms to promote organic and natural foods by providing smoothie challenges with recipes and health goals for 14 days to support community members that cannot afford to visit a clinical nutritionist. 

What our experts say…

I love the whole package! So much thought and effort have been put in at every level. It is so user friendly, and great for time-poor individuals who want healthier choices with ease. Blends really easily into a smoothie and tastes great.

Jade Woodd

Love this product’s ease of use and the fact that you get lots of superfoods in a simple, practical way. I fully support the brand’s commitment to a natural and organic diet and love its principles of giving back to the community.

Larissa Tedesco

I love that this product is super user-friendly because as a nutritionist I know many people struggle with being organised and this makes creating a really quick nourishing smoothie super easy! The ingredients are also fantastic. They are using compostable wrappers which is awesome, and they also seem to have put some thought into being eco-friendly in their shipping and choice of ingredients too!

Phoebe Conway

My 2.5 yr old son is a super picky eater having had food allergies and I am always trying to get more good calories into him (so he asks for breastmilk less – slowly edging toward weaning!) These add some great fats, omega 3’s and fibre to his smoothies in record time. So easy! I also love that the packaging is home compostable.

Emily Fletcher

My kids love this one best, simply because it’s so much fun to crumble and throw into the blender. A fantastic, sweet, superfood cocktail, set to compliment any flavoured smoothie.

Emma Freeman

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