hannahPAD – Certified Organic Cloth Pad




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Organic cotton, silicone and TPU.



Responsible icon ResponsibleHannahpad provide high quality washable period solutions that are not detrimental to people’s health and that help preserve the environment for a greener future. The brand uses 100% reusable and recyclable kraft paper boxes and home compostable satchel bags. They have also used BIO-FILL, biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts made from natural corn starch. Deliveries are carried out by Sendle or Auspost that are committed to carbon neutral delivery. They even offer customers a lifetime repair service on the buttons of their pads to encourage reuse. 


Hannahpad’s office and warehouse space has implemented the following features to reduce their ecological footprint: LED lights, repurposed furniture, energy and water-saving appliances, garbage and recycling separation system and an organic veggie garden. 


The company provides educational sample products to the local community and runs special donation campaigns for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Internationally, they have partnered with Create Impact, an Australian NGO to supply hannahpads to girls in Ethiopia, and have also donated pads to The Good Fund NGO in New Zealand for people who suffer period poverty.

What our experts say…

Hannahpad uses cute floral patterns on their pads, which are comfortable to wear and don’t rustle like disposable pads. After soaking, they can be washed in the machine on a cold cycle making them easy to clean – hurrah! I love that they are made with certified organic cotton.

Lindsay Miles

Compact and discreet plus a great way to reuse instead of creating waste.  Love that they are all about chemical/ toxin-free and less waste.  Organic certification and ethical production are also impressive.

Laura Wells

I love this product so much! It’s a great size, and I like the grip texture on the one side and the buttons to lock it together. I also like the eco recyclable packaging and the organic cloth material.

Rosie Rees

So stylish in pattern and design, easy to use and super absorbent. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. I was a little worried because the inside material was light and thought it might stain, but a quick cold water rinse and straight into the washing machine, this came up perfectly like new. I try to reduce waste in so many other areas of my life, Hannahpad has shown me that I have no excuse and every reason to change here too.

Emily Fletcher

I love that this reusable pad is made of organic cotton – it means that I can breathe during my period (which is difficult with synthetic pads and some period undies). Love the cute floral pattern on the back. I was able to use this for 4 hours before putting it into the water to soak with some soap for 6 hours. The blood completely washed out in the washing machine, no stains. A fantastic reusable pad option for those who can’t use cups, or for teenage girls who might not be ready to use cups or tampons. Love that the inside of the pad is completely biodegradable. Love the extra social responsibility efforts made by the brand.

Emma Freeman

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