Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Deodorant Paste



Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients.


Responsible icon ResponsibleBlack Chicken Remedies is involved in a number of social and environmental activities. In partnership with TerraCycle, they’ve rolled out a recycling program where customers can return their used containers for a $10 e-gift card, and are proudly part of PETA’s ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ Program. 


For the last two years in a row, Black Chicken Remedies has also taken part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Mighty Acts of Pinkness campaign, where special deodorant paste tubs were created as a pay-it-forward gifting option and a minimum of $2 per sold product was pledged by the brand. 


To help consumers better understand the meaning of toxic ingredients used within the beauty industry, Black Chicken Remedies created their own guide to natural beauty as a free online download. 


What our experts say…

This product is easy to use and works well. It doesn’t need too much fuss as with most other non-toxic deodorants and has a pleasant scent. Packaging is a good size to store in the bathroom and looks modern and not immediately identifiable. I like the concept of a paste ensuring no fillers or hardeners used and that the product description takes pride in reassuring the consumer that absolutely no toxic ingredients or sweat gland blockers are used. 

Mikey Ayoubi

What I liked about this natural deodorant is that it was fragrant but not overbearing at all. People who walked passed asked me what I was wearing because it smelt so fresh and natural – thinking it was a fragrance! I also love that Black Chicken are so involved in the recycling of waste and the fact that they give their customers a free $10 gift card to use on their site in return for a used container of their product. Love to see this!

Jacob Stella


One of my first real experiences with deodorant paste, I found the Axilla from Black Chicken to be a really impressive product. I really enjoyed the moisture absorption aspect of this one and the lack of alcohol was a huge plus. As someone who suffers from eczema, I really enjoyed how sensitive the paste was. 

Nick Hall

Axilla truly gives all day protection. This is the product which converted me to natural deodorant years ago and I have gifted it many a time to friends and family when they tell me they can’t find something which works. Both my brother and dad use and love it. A great herbal, unisex scent makes it perfectly suited to any wearer.

Emily Fletcher

This is the ultimate natural deodorant for active men – it is long lasting and can endure the sweatiest of workouts. My husband, who was a little unsure about applying the deodorant with his fingers, was very impressed with its effectiveness on some particularly hot and sweaty Sydney spring days.

Emma Freeman

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