Biologi – Organic Rosehip Oil




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% organic rosehip oil.


Responsible icon ResponsibleBiologi uniquely owns the entire plant-to-bottle process for each of their products, meaning they know all of their farmers and support the communities in which their native fruits are harvested. They own the revolutionary extraction method and process through their sister company and can follow each plant through to becoming a serum. 


Biologi tests each 100% pure plant extract serum, and bottles and dispatches everything in-house. They work with Terracycle to ensure customers can return their bottles to be recycled through the correct channels and produce the bottles that they use for future serums.

What our experts say…

The Biologi Organic Rosehip Oil does exactly what it claims. It’s pure and effective and the packaging is beautiful. Their unique plant to bottle process gives them an edge when it comes to being in control of their impact.

Ash Quinn

I highly enjoyed the smell and the positive effects this Rosehip oil has on my skin. I would happily use this daily and tell others about it too! I love the organic certification, single plant extract ingredients and impressive transparency.

Kate Hall

This rich oil is so good to apply after everything else at night. Deeply nourishing, comforting and so incredibly pure.  Not greasy at all which I find some rosehip oils to be. I love the plant to bottle process and that they use single plant ingredients, know every step from the growing to the bottling, plus testing each bottle.

Carla King-Turner

I love that this has 1 ingredient. The quality of it and its effectiveness is what shines through. It feels incredibly protective and nourishing yet lightweight and absorbs straight into my skin. Even with combination skin, I can wear this during the day when my skin feels like it needs some extra love.

Emily Fletcher

I just love the simple and elegant design of this bottle. Design aside, the oil itself is beautiful too. A wonderful lightweight oil that can be applied morning and night, although definitely in conjunction with a serum and moisturiser (unlike some oils which are so potent they can be applied on their own). I love that it’s 100% pure organic rosehip oil — so simple.

Emma Freeman

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