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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleBiode is an ‘Earth First’ home compostable, biodegradable skin, body and personal care brand. Using only 100% natural and organic ingredients, Biode uses packaging sourced from post consumer waste paper, cornstarch and biodegradable paper with zero plastics. 


Every touch point within the consumer chain (including shipping bags) use packaging that is home compostable and designed to return to the earth with as little impact on our planet as possible. In partnership with ‘One Tree Planted’, the company also plant trees with their online orders. 

What our experts say…

The gentle fragrance of this conditioner bar is lovely and I found it gentle on my hair. I love how it all composts at home – truly zero waste.

Christina Butcher

I love that this really effective conditioner is generously sized and the same size as the shampoo and not smaller. With longer hair I normally end up using the conditioner so much faster and it’s really nice to know I’m not running out. Perfect for fine, dry, coloured hair and leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Emily Fletcher

Everything about this product is grounding: from the zero-waste home compostable packaging to the earthy red tone of the conditioner bar. This conditioner has a subtle scent and transfers easily to my hair when rubbed against it. Beautiful product.

Emma Freeman

This conditioner bar left my hair feeling smooth and silky. I liked the subtle scent and the ease of applying it to my hair. Conditioner bars are great value and an easy way to reduce waste and plastic usage.

Fiona Morouco

I enjoyed the subtle scent of this product. The conditioner deeply nourished and hydrated my hair without feeling oily and I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients. It’s also nice to see plastic-free packaging, 100% natural ingredients and a focus on biodegradable products that are good for me and the planet.

Shahrzad Kahrobai

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