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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Silicone upper and polypropylene base.


Responsible icon Responsibleb.box believes that innovative design and quality production equals product longevity. They consider functionality in their products by solving multiple challenges and offering many uses for single products and features. This allows for their products to grow with children. They provide replacement parts where possible, such as straws and seals, to increase product life cycle and reduce waste. 


What our experts say…

This product can be held by little hands and you don’t have to worry about anyone choking on any food. It is a fun way to explore different flavours.

Amanda Callen

Such a great product for introducing new foods in a safe way. I was a bit worried about Baby J starting finger food so I used the fresh food feeder to ease her into this stage of food experimentation. The feeder also worked really well as a teething aid when filled with frozen fruit.

Samantha Christian

I appreciate that this product can support babies to feed themselves especially when not at home (in the car, at the park, in the pram, etc).

Melissa Mai

Whilst I did mainly follow baby-led weaning, early on mealtimes did include a fair bit of anxiety about choking. Being able to put food into this amazing self-feeder without having to worry and letting my children explore say frozen strawberry or watermelon would have been so great. I love how it has easy-grip hand holds, which also act as little legs to stand up so that the mouthpiece stays clean. So incredibly well thought through.

Emily Fletcher

My toddler had a lot of fun sucking and chewing the food out of this silicone feeder. I mashed up all the foods he normally refuses to see if he would eat them through the feeder: some he ate, some he knew better! I love that it’s made from bendy silicone.

Emma Freeman

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