Aussie Bronze – Body Bronzer




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including organic avocado and almond oils.



Responsible icon ResponsibleAussie Bronze is made using only the finest certified organic and natural ingredients, is DHA & toxin-free, vegan & cruelty-free. 


They are committed to researching and sourcing the most reliable and functional recyclable materials available, and currently use PET bottles and HDPE pumps. The cardboard outer packaging is 100% recyclable and padded mailers are made from recycled materials and most often upcycled. 


Production takes place in Australia to keep their carbon footprint low, whilst warehousing in England, Canada and Denmark services global customers, reducing unnecessary multiple overseas deliveries.


What our experts say…

This product is so easy to use – you wipe it on (don’t put too much on dry skin areas!) and then only have to wait a minute before you’re ready to go. I also like that it washes off in the shower so easily. It doesn’t have a strong smell either, which is great. I really like that this is an Australian-made product and everything from the ingredients to the mailers has been considered for sustainability. 

Lucy E Cousins

From the first impression, I liked the black tissue paper wrapping and single postcard size branded marketing material this product was sent with – simple and effective. The product itself works well on my skin! I like that it is toxic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and that the brand has warehouses in multiple countries, lowering unnecessary shipping.

Rosie Rees


I loved the values that Aussie Bronze stands for with 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free. I found the bronzer really easy to use (once I purchased a mit) and it went on very evenly. I loved that there was no stress of the tan going on my sheets as it washed off in the shower. I was also pleasantly surprised to find there was also no odour! I have very light skin and when using this bronzer it gave me a really nice natural look.

Petria Leggo-Field

What a wonderful DHA free product – I only wish I’d found it earlier! As a young adult I was allergic to DHA, the active ingredient in longer lasting fake tan, and as an older adult who is now no longer allergic, I am inexperienced in evenly applying tan and this lets me see what I’m doing! No more weird streaks and dark patches stained on my skin for a week! Super easy with a great result. Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin!

Emily Fletcher

This self tan is very different to your conventional self tan. Firstly, it is applied like a moisturiser – it feels good against your skin and smells lovely! You can pat it dry and head out the door looking and feeling beautiful and bronzed. Eventually, you can wash it off in the shower (it will withstand swimming at the pool / beach). I love that it was developed by a mother who was concerned about the toxic self tans her daughter was using.

Emma Freeman

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