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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEach ingredient used in an Asuvi product is vetted for sustainability through their Ingredients Standard. Their fractionated coconut oil comes from smallholder family farms that multi-crop to ensure soil biodiversity, with all the profits from this supplier going back to the farmers. 


Asuvi steer clear of any single-use plastic. Reusable tubes are made from 100% recycled plastic and their refills are completely biodegradable. Shipping bags are made from Kraft paper and recycled newspapers and even their information cards are made from recycled paper. 


The brand’s products are palm oil, aluminium and phthalate free and they never use or test on animals.

What our experts say…

This product has a really premium look and feel, which is a fresh take in this market. The refillable packaging is a genius, modern concept which should also be applauded. This particular scent is delightful and non-predictable – so many natural deodorants rely on the same combo of essential oils, so I love that this is so unexpected.

Amy Starr 

A very effective deodorant with an addictive sweet and musky scent of coconut and vanilla. I love the ease of use with the refillable tube and the clean, sleek packaging. The recycled plastic tube is very well made and really will last a long time and the refill process literally takes seconds.

Emily Fletcher

I love the container of this deodorant and the application is incredibly easy because it’s a roll-on, which is hard to find with clean beauty. I found it was effective and I love the delicious, sweet smell. Asuvi has really won me over with their refillable containers and their commitment to recycled and sustainable ingredients and products.

 Lucy E Cousins

What’s not to love? First of all the tube is refillable, making this a zero waste product. The deodorant has a lovely subtle vanilla scent. I don’t need to apply much and it leaves no marks on my clothes. It stops bad odour for 12 hours, meaning I only need to apply it once per day, even on the sweatiest of days. And I love the design of the dispenser.

Emma Freeman

The Asuvi deodorant is hands down the most luxurious natural deodorant, possibly any deodorant, that I’ve ever used. When you take into consideration their strong ethics and sustainability efforts, it’s a winner

Ash Quinn

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